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Peerless Security

Keep your money and data safe from fraud and theft with 3-D secure authentication.

Verify your identity

Global coverage

Make seamless payments in 37 local currencies across 80 countries.

Real conversion rates

Avoid the hidden costs banks heap on international transfers - and convert your money instantly.

Add/save recipient's details

Easy account management

Stay in the top of your finances with our mobile and desktop banking app.

Mobile wallet compatibility

Pay on the go by connecting to Apple or Google Pay.

Dedicated customer care

Get the support you need, when you need it - through whatever medium you like.

Financial freedom with a single account.

An 1clik2pay personal account grants you access to 37 local currencies across 80 countries. We remove the barriers of traditional banking, to let you become a true global citizen.

Open your account in minutes.

No eligibility issues

You don’t need to be a UK Citizen to sign-up. We even have Parent/Guardian accounts for under 18s.

Fast and free registration

All you need to open a personal account is Proof of ID and Proof of Address. No credit checks, no boring admin.

Start spending in days

Once your account is approved, you’ll receive a Sort Code and Account Number within 4-5 business days.

Money management. Made simple.

Stay on top of your spending with our online platform.

Track daily expenses

See a real-time breakdown of how much you spend each day.

Categorise spending

View fully-visualised data on where your money is going.

Purchase Insights

Understand your habits with statistical analysis of your spending.

  • International eCommerce

    Unlock limitless shopping possibilities, by paying the real price in the local currency. Avoid hefty foreign transactions and hidden costs.
  • Move abroad with ease

    Receive money across the globe like a local, to make moving seamless. You can get your invoice payments, salary, pension or benefits all paid directly - all with minimal conversion fees and zero subscription costs.
  • Work from anywhere

    Don’t let the banks keep you from living the dream. Simply link your 1click2pay account to Amazon, PayPal or another online platform - and manage your earnings through them. You’ll be able to invoice like a local, and manage your earnings with ease.
  • Travel the globe

    Move money with ease. Our system connects with UK FasterPayments, SEPA and SWIFT - granting access to 80 countries.
  • Manage property remotely

    Make international payments with low conversion rates. No annual card fees, no exchange rate markups, no trickery.

    Global Coverage

    Due to circumstances beyond our control, some payments may be delayed due to national holidays or time zones. We will provide you with the next available payment date.
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